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From: Clark Savage Turner WA3JPG (turner@safety.ICS.UCI.EDU)
Date: Mon Oct 11 1993 - 18:45:26 EDT

Well, I suppose Richard is a wee-bit slow getting out his CMOS keyer
kits! I note that he is a regular at our local swap meets, and I see
him each time I go (about once each two months lately). I bought
the CMOS Super Keyer II kit from him last year for the low $20 price
tag, and was wonderfully impressed.

The board was nothing to write home about, but I didn't care, it did
the job fine. The chip I got was EEPROM (probably a mistake) - so I
can even have it reprogrammed. It went together in an hour or two,
got one part wrong (easily replaced) and had to do a bit of figuring
on some others, the instructions were not that clear. All in the game,

Put it in a Ten Tec box to match my Argonaut, and have enjoyed it
ever since. I thought the price tag was just the ticket for me. I
want another, and will be asking Richard about his expected shipping
dates next time I see him.


Clark Savage Turner, Graduate Student Researcher
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