Re: argosy Qrp rig


From: Jim Kearman (
Date: Mon Oct 11 1993 - 16:08:12 EDT

Bob asked about the Argosy. This sounds like the
original Argosy, with analog dial. The price seems

It's a good rig. The switch bypasses the PA for
QRP. The Argosy II works differently: the switch
reduces the drive, meaning high idling current in
QRP operation but probably better IMD. I reworked
my II with a 5-W-only final.

The 10-meter band is covered in 4 segments, which
could become 2 segments of 10 meters and one each
for 17 and 12. Someday I will do this mod!

There are some problems with thumping QSK, which
are covered in QRP Classics. If your audio thumps
badly on CW, let me know and I'll post the mod--
replacing a cap.

The VFOs sometimes develop problems. The VFO is
adjusted with a slug-tuned coil, not a cap. There
may be mechanical problems, but Ten Tec has
replacement VFOs. Dunno the price. If yours is
broken, it will be obvious when you use it--the
freq jumps (this can be a dial problem too,
easily solved).

Compared to the going prices of Argonauts, which
cannot be fitted with CW-bandwidth crystal filters
etc, $300 for an Argosy is almost a steal. It's
slightly bigger than an Argonaut, but not much.
LOTS of room inside for mods, additions, etc.
I used mine to achieve 2nd place in 1A battery
during FD 91.

73, Jim, KR1S

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