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From: Edward Pacyna (
Date: Mon Oct 11 1993 - 08:59:22 EDT


Thought you would like to sign up for this one (see attached).

Finally got some time down in the workshop this weekend and had a chance to
finish and package up a 40M transceiver that I started last winter. Third QSO
was with a W5 from Dallas.



Ham Radio Operators Needed to Participate in Tactual Interface Study

We at the Sensory Communication Group of Research laboratory of
Electronics at MIT are interested in studying whether people can
perceive Morse Codes through finger motions. We are looking for
experienced Morse Code operators to participate in our study.

Traditionally, Morse Codes are perceived through the auditory channel.
There are deaf Morse Code operators who receive Morse Code through a
vibrator on the skin. We have constructed an experimental apparatus
that is capable of moving the index finger in a fashion similar to the
motions it makes while sending Morse Code. We would like to compare
the learning curves of Morse Code operators and naive subjects (i.e.,
people who have never used Morse code before) in receiving Morse
Codes through this device.

We would like to recruit 3 Morse Code operators to participate in our
study along with three naive subjects. We would prefer people who can
use a straight key, but anyone who knows Morse Code is invited to
participate in our study. All subjects will be paid on an hourly basis
(rate to be determined). UROP positions are available for MIT students
who would like to be more involved in the research. After the initial
screening, subjects are expected to be trained 3 times a week, roughly
1.5 hours per session for about 3-6 months. We will encourage the
completion of the study by paying a bonus to those who stay till the

Please reply to this Email account and explain in a sentence or two
who you are and why you would like to participate in this research.

Thank you.

-Hong Z. Tan-
 Ph.D. Candidate

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