Circuit Board Building Session


From: Brad Mitchell (bmitchel@CBA.Kodak.COM)
Date: Wed Oct 06 1993 - 07:56:22 EDT

Well last evening our local club (BARK) sponsored a circuit board building event, right
here in Brockport, N.Y.

Last evening we cut circuit boards to size, prepared them for ironing on
artwork, ironed on artwork, and placed these boards in a bleach solution

Tonight we will remove the excess pulp from the boards, touch up as necessary,
and etch them.

If time allows, we may even drill a few.

The current boards that we are making are basically the spider transceiver,
and the neophyte receiver.

Other projects are planned already, and mostly include boards that are already
laid out.

We have looked at building the NN1G , and or the Nor Cal 40, but don't have
artwork for them.

It's a lot of fun, and I would encourage local groups to try something similar.

72 all Brad WB8YGG

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