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From: Wayne Burdick (
Date: Tue Oct 05 1993 - 12:39:46 EDT


Thanks for the NorCal 40 comments. A bit of feedback:

>1. you didn't tell me (or i forgot) the plugs for keyer and phone
>were stereo!!

Yeah, I figured most folks would use Walkman-type headphones. The key plug
can be mono, but it allows a stereo plug in case you build in a keyer

>2. #2 only covers about 35KHz, but not problem.

35 to 40 Khz coverage is about all I wanted to push that VFO pot. I'm
going to put a 10-turn pot into mine (if I ever get it back from Jim
Fitton!) and increase the range to 150KHz, which requires one capacitor

>the receiver is ... much quiter than the NN1G.

This is because there is no I.F. amp in the NorCal 40. The NN1G has more
sensitivity. Actually, the NN1G could be made much quieter with a
1-crystal filter following the MC1350.

>hope there are some left.

I think we've sold 72 of them so far. Anyone who wants one should call me
at (415) 592-2700 to see if we have any left before sending Jim Cates their

>i notice a slight thumping during QSO's, but not too bad.

If you mean thumps when you key the rig, that's due to the rapid discharge
of the gate capacitor on the AGC/Mute transistors. It should be very
minor, unless you have headphones with spectacular low-frequency response.
If you mean thumps during receive of loud signals, that's because the
NorCal 40 uses AF-derived AGC. Some thump is unavoidable.

>looking forward to the SSB rig.

I'm in progress on that one. It will be a 20 meter, SSB/CW rig, and I'm
going to try real hard to make it the size of a small 2M mobile radio. (In
fact, I'm going to try to make it small enough to be handheld if I can.
Anyone know of a good BNC-terminated 20M whip? I'm also looking for cheap
9- or 10-MHz SSB filters.)

Thanks again. I'm sure Doug will be happy to get his NC40 back!


Wayne Burdick Interval Research Corp. 1801-C Page Mill Road
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