Let's deep six this guy 'til he gets back!


From: Jim Kearman (jkearman@arrl.org)
Date: Tue Oct 05 1993 - 09:17:51 EDT

>From georges@yang.earlham.edu Tue Oct 05 01:45:17 1993
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Date: Mon, 4 Oct 1993 20:36 EST
Subject: Away till January
To: jkearman@ARRL.ORG
Message-Id: <01H3Q7M1OSGG002411@YANG.EARLHAM.EDU>
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Currently I am not at Earlham and am unable to receive your email at my
usual address: georges@yin.earlham.edu

I am in Japan where I'm directing one of Earlham's off-campus study
programs in the city of Morioka in Iwate prefecture. I will be in Morioka
until December 1st and will be returning to the U.S. shortly before
Christmas. I'll be back in Richmond, Indiana and reachable at the above
address by the 1st of January, 1994.

During my absence, Ed Delaney is acting director of Earlham Computing Services.
His email address is: EdwardD@yin.earlham.edu

If you need to contact me in Japan about pressing matters which Ed can't
handle, please send email to:


Please note that I make no guarantees about the rapidity or reliability
of email messages sent to this address. It is experimental.

--George Silver, Director
Earlham Computing Services
June 26, 1993

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