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Date: Mon Sep 27 1993 - 13:48:51 EDT

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> Subject: Re: Project 9: 2M CW transmitter
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> I have been thinking of doing something similar. A small tranceiver
> or transmitter & receiver pair for 2M or 1.25M based on the
> Motorola MC2833 for the transmitter and the MC3363 for the
> receiver. I don't have any plans other than the fact sheets
> that Motorola will give out with these parts, which will require
> some modification. Has anyone tried anything like this? I think
> it is one nice way to get a clean set up easy. (The boards came
> with the chips.)
> My big fear is, "How the *&^%$! am I ever going to solder these delicate
> little chips to these boards??! I have some disease that makes my hands
> shake whenever I try to do delicate work like this. ;^)

The MC2833 is available in a DIP package. Also, there is a receiver chip,
the MC3362, which is almost the same as the '3363, and is available in DIP.
The DIP may be a little easier to deal with than the surface-mount package
(which is the only way the 3363 is available, I believe).

I am collecting parts to build a rig similar to what you describe, but have
not yet started soldering.

Good luck with the project!

Jim Morgan WX4D/3

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