NorCal QRP Sept. Report


From: Doug Hendricks (
Date: Mon Sep 06 1993 - 01:30:32 EDT

The September meeting of the Northern California QRP Club was held at the
California Burger Restaurant in Pleasanton. It is located at the Santa
Rita exit of 580. 24 members showed up, at least 24 members left, as we had
10 new members sign up. It was a great meeting with lots of QRP info traded
back and forth and the members getting to know each other.
     Wayne Burdick, N6KR had serial number 1 of the NorCal 40 club project
there. It is a 40 meter superhet transceiver that is a thing of beauty and
a joy to operate. I know, because I built serial number 2. The NorCal
project committe announced that orders are being taken for the kits which
will be sold by the club. The club is doing a run of 50 kits to be offered
to offered for $75 plus $4 shipping. Make check or money order payable to:

       Jim Cates, WA6GER
       3241 Eastwood Rd.
       Sacramento, CA 95821

     It is the lowest priced transceiver kit
on the market that is complete with all parts, pcboard, connectors and case.
All you need to build it is the old soldering iron and some solder.
     Mike Miller, WB6TMH, had a homebrew 40 meter transceiver that he built
from various articles in the handbook and QST over the years. It is being
written up and will be published in the next issue of QRPp. Mike used ugly
construction and is not planning on developing a kit or a pcboard. The
article explains his trials and tribulations as he built the rig. We had a
qso in the parking lot after the meeting, with Mike using his rig and a
"dummy load" for an antenna. I used the NorCal 40 and my hamstick on the
pickup. First time that I every worked anyone using a dummy load for an
antenna. Lots of fun. Of course we were only 10 feet apart, but we still
made a contact.
     Stan Cooper, K4DRD, brought his Oak Hills research 20 meter rig. He
did a really nice job building it, and everyone had to pop the top and check
out the insides. Stan has promised to write a review and it will be in the
next issue of QRPp also.
     There wasn't a lot of QRP gear at Livermore for sale at the swap. One
HW-8, that the guy wanted $125 for. Ouch! It did have one of the old MFJ
audio filters in the blue box that I have been looking for with it. Tried
to buy it, but the owner said it was "married" to the HW-8. Oh well....
The buy of the swap may have been the 3 mint condition leg keys that Bob
Smith, Denis Englander, and I bought. We got them for $10 each, and they
were new in the package!! Jim Cates, WA6GER, found them for us.
     The group decided to keep meeting at the California Burger at 11:00 on
the same day as the Livermore Swap. If you are interested in learning more
about QRP join us. It was also decided to use 7.120 as a "club frequency".
When you get on the air, check there and see if other club members are
hanging around. Call CQ CQ Norcal de yourcall. Some members are also
interested in forming a net. More discussion at the next club meeting.
     Membership is approaching 100, as we are in the high 90's, with about 35
opting to subscribe to the QRPp also. Jim, WA6GER, Steve Cates, and I will
be at the Los Altos Foothill Swap soliciting members to the NorCal QRP club.
We will have a QRP display table with various rigs and of course the
NorCal 40 will be on display. Stop by and say hello and operate the NorCal
40 if you like. We would love to meet you.
     Chuck Adams, I understand that you will be in Mt. View. If you don't
stop by the swap, I will be really upset with you! Bring your NN1G and I
will bring the antenna.
     I do promise to print a membership list in the next issue of QRPp, and
might be able to get one out on packet and internet. CUL, 72, Doug

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