From: Jim Kearman (
Date: Tue Aug 03 1993 - 13:04:18 EDT

Chuck writes:
>some have volunteered back articles from QST, 73, HR (Ham Radio), and

(Putting on my "official" hat:)

I would very, very strongly suggest leaving out any articles
from these magazines, unless you get written permission for
each and every one. CQ Communications owns the rights to
Ham Radio magazine material now. I know to you guys this is
just a hobby, but it's some people's livelihood. Chances are
you'll get permission if you ask, but this is not a case
where "it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission."

Specifically, the company for which I work has published
its own anthology of QRP articles, "QRP Classics." It sells
well and makes us a few bucks every year. I don't think
management would look kindly on anyone who did an end run
and started publishing copies of our articles without
permission, even if you're giving them away at cost (or
_especially_ because you're giving them away!).

Our charge for photocopies is $1 a page, $3 for an article.
I don't know how much we figure is royalty money, if any.
I do know we will not copy from anyone else's magazine.

I hate to dash cold water on Chuck's project, but I'd hate
to see anyone get snarled up in litigation over copyright


Jim Kearman, KR1S
Asst Technical Editor, ARRL


"I never shot a man who didn't need it." --Clayton Allison

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