12v marine battery maintenance


From: Ron Majewski (majewski@erim.org)
Date: Fri Jul 23 1993 - 15:08:48 EDT

Hello to everyone on the list!

  I recently purchased a deep-cycle 12v marine battery to power my QRP
field excursions (including FD). It's nothing special -- I got it at
Sears and it has about 100 amp-hrs of capacity. I charge it up using
the trickle mode on my 12v car battery charger.

  The sales assistant at Sears was unable to tell me how to properly
care for the battery over the long term. I've seen others mention the
use of these batteries here, so I thought I'd pick the brains of the
collective consciousness of the list.

  Between uses, should I keep the battery fully charged or fully

  Should I load-cycle the battery after long periods of no use? That is,
should I charge it up, put a load on it and drain it down?

  Are there any other considerations that I should be aware of?

  Thanks much and 72.

Ron (wb8ruq).

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