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From: Charles Adams (
Date: Fri Jul 23 1993 - 12:48:32 EDT


after Steve Greene's posting (KA1LM) i immediately called Index Labs
at the number posted. i talked to Bruce Franklin, KG7CR. very nice
feller on the phone and the rig sounds great.

steve is right. this is where TenTec and a lot of the others should
have been. the digital filter audio sounds like an exceptional feature
to have on a rig this price. all bands and general coverage receiver
in a small package. small current drain on receive.

the only thing that i'll ask for in the next version is qsk without
relay instead of the reed relay.

expect shipments to start mid-august. the first one on the net let
us know. i'm gonna wait on this one. hoping for a tentec at OKC this
weekend. cross your fingers for me.

look for me on 20 meters 14030-14070KHz mobile qrp this afternoon
4pm on CDT. 2100Z (UCT or GMT) ;-)

also carrying 10 meters in case that band is open. this morning,
6am CDT (1100Z) channels 2-34 were active. remember i'm in the
country without cable, so i monitor periodically the tube to see
how the MUF is doing. summer time and hot.... good for about 400 miles
on the tube.

72 de k5fo/m5/qrp dit dit

"Be not too hard for life is short and nothing is given to man." - J. Baez

   Chuck Adams, K5FO - CP60

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