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From: Stephan Greene (
Date: Fri Jul 23 1993 - 10:54:44 EDT

I called them and they sent me a nice black and white glossy one page brochure on
this radio. It is very nice! (the radio - though the brochure is nice. too!)

Control layout appears very simple and straightforward. There are only two displays -
the digital frequency readout (good to .1 kHz, if the picture of the rig is accurrate), and
what appears to be an s-meter on the lower left corner of the front panel. Thee
is a large central knob for freq control, and a small knob for AF volume (no rf gain,
but there is a 20 dB attenuator switch). There are two toggles - one switches in
the rf receive attenuator, the other toggles between xcv, rit, and split modes.

Four pushbutton switches control memory read/write (there are 20), toggle rev/split
operation, and activate the SCAF digital filter (100 Hz - 2400 Hz, continuously
adjustable). According to the brochure, the main tuning knob becomes a control to
set the appropriate value, depending on which button was pressed.

The rig is very small, measures 5.5" W x 4" H x 6"D. It has a single leg on the
front to elevate the front panel. Power consumption is stated as 1A @ 12V xmt,
140 mA rcv. Freq coverage is 160M - 10M (I called them, and if my memory is
correct, it has general coverage reception across that range, plus amateur
band xmt). Modes are CW and SSB, though I was told it will handle anything
you can put in to the mic connector (which is probably mounted on the back panel -
it is not visible in the photo). I was told the transmitter amplifier is oeprating
in a "derated" mode in this rig - it has plenty of design margin to handle high-duty
cycle operation like RTTY. (Note - I asked Ten Tec about this on the Scout - their
tech DID NOT recommend QRP RTTY or AMTOR operation for the Scout.)

Index labs wants $595 for this gem, with deliveries in (I think) mid August or so.
(But call them and find out for certain!).

You can reach Index Labs at 19913 48th Street, Longbranch, WA 98351.

Now my question: I was told that several of these rigs (beta test/early production)
were in the field for a while, including Field Day operation. I recall reading
that one was on display at Dayton or Dallas. So has anyone on the net
seen, or better yet, used one of these rigs? What are your thoughts, comments,
and observations? If you were in the market, WOULD YOU BUY ONE? (IMHO, this
is what the Argonaut II should have been!)

Std disclaimer - I don't work for Index Labs, don't own any stock, am not related
to anyone who does, etc... I don't even own one of their rigs (yet?). I'm
just impressed by what they seem to have accomplished!

73, Steve Greene
KA1LM (alias

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