Re: Practical Wireless magazine July 93 issue


From: Jim Kearman (
Date: Thu Jul 22 1993 - 17:44:54 EDT

Doug Quagliana, KA1UPW, mentions the July 1993 issue of
Practical Wireless. YES! The theme of the issue is QRP!

Here are the highlights:

Pg Article

20 Review of Santec MX-14S 14 MHz SSB/CW QRP handheld
        transceiver, by Clive Hardy, G4SLU.

21 The Tiny Tim 3.5 MHz SSB Transceiver, Part 1. Tim
        Walford, G3PCJ describes his delightfully simple
        QRP SSB transceiver. (Only receiver schematic in
        this issue, but should be buildable with US parts.)

25 My QRP DXpedition to Monaco. Peter Barville, G3XJS
        tells the story of a successful holiday in France,
        with a day trip to Monaco thrown in for good measure.

28 The World of QRP. Leighton Smart, GW0LBI invites you
        to join in and explore the world of QRP.

30 The Queensbury 7 MHz CW Transceiver. Steve Ortmayer,
        G4RAW and Clive Hardy, G4SLU, invite you to build a
        simple CW transceiver and have fun on the air. (SBL-1
        based direct-conversion receiver, xtal-controlled

36 The Challenge of QRP. Frank Lee, G3YCC says that
        there's an exciting challenge waiting for you, when
        you work with QRP amateur radio.

40 The Bourbon QRP 3.5 MHz Transmitter Part 1. Bill
        Mooney, G3VZU introduces his 3.5 MHz double sideband
        suppressed carrier and CW transmitter, which uses
        surface mount techniques. (Usually, the Brits explain
        how they came up with the names they like to give to
        their QRP rigs. I didn't spot any clues in this article.
        Maybe he just likes Wild Turkey?)

46 Antenna Workshop. Peter Dodd, G3LDO explains how you
        can maximise your QRP transmissions, by paying proper
        attention to your antenna. (Get it high, good ground,
        comparison of horizontal to vertical.)

You might be able to find a single copy at a BIG city magazine
stand. Nothing really unique in this issue, so I wouldn't go
to great lengths or expense to secure a copy.

72, KR1S


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