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From: Charles Adams (adams@chuck.dallas.sgi.com)
Date: Thu Jul 22 1993 - 16:26:32 EDT


guess i didn't post separately and i'm sure i wasn't clear. so let
me try again.

i'm interested in putting together a Rogue's Gallary of the internet
qrp group here in netland. so, get off your bench and take a photo
or photos of rig(s), antennas, and whatever your proud of in the
qrp world and send them to me. i'll scan them in and come up with
a 8.5x11 page on each that i receive and we'll include them in the
next phase of schematics or do them separate. your cost is the
printing and postage only.

it is rather timely, in that Jeff M. Gold, noted author and contributor
to this group, sent to me two photos - one of himself and the other
of his son Danny. both these guys have appeared in a QST article that
Jeff did on the MFJ 9020 rig operating from his front yard. he has
also got another article coming out in next month's QST. in his
photo i recognize two mjf qrp rigs and the hw9 in the background,
but for the life of me i don't recognize the two rigs he has in
his hands. Jeff, tell me what they are.

so let's get started on this one and don't miss the bus. get those
cards and letters in to, K5FO, Chuck Adams, 830 waite drive,
copper canyon, tx 75067. i'm good in the callbook since 1987.

there is no copper around that i have been able to find, but then my
long wire seems to be working great. 40 meters at 1500Z today was
open to KS with 2 watts.

i haven't gotten my QQ this month either. guess they are late again.
i'll see Luke W5HKA on saturday at the OKC swapfest. maybe find out
when we will be getting it.

i'm looking for a TenTec rig and hope to find one in OKC saturday.
anybody else doing any swap meets this weekend?

i'll be seeing the OK qrp group (that's Oklahoma) and i'll probably
wind up speaking at the session too. ;-)

72 de texas dit dit

"Be not too hard for life is short and nothing is given to man." - J. Baez

   Chuck Adams, K5FO - CP60

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