Small Solar Panels & Controllers?


From: andrew comas (
Date: Thu Jul 22 1993 - 09:06:06 EDT

        I'm just getting started in solar power qrp. I
am looking for a very portable (backpack-able) solar power
set up. I've corresponded with several companies
(Antenna West, Sunlight, Real Goods) and they seem to
recommend solarex MSX-10 (10W) panel and either the M2
or the Sunlight controllers. I have a 4.5 Ahr gel cell
and will probably get a 40Ahr battery later (and no I do
not plan to backpack with this one...). The qrp rig is
a MFJ-9040 (40m, 1A transmitt, 40ma receive, though I am
planning to get a new qrp rig which is 1A trans & 140ma rec.)

Does this sound anywhere near sane? I am concerned that
the MSX-10 is only a one year warrentee, while a Siemens
M20 (yes I know it's about 20W, 100 sq inches bigger, 3 lbs
heavier, and I don't know how much more... ) has a 10 year
warrentee. Should I even worry about this? Lastly, can I
run my qrp rig off the battery while the panel is charging
(or whatever) the battery through the M2 or Sunlight

                andrew KF2JH

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