Field Day


From: Gary Diana (diana@Kodak.COM)
Date: Wed Jun 30 1993 - 08:16:34 EDT

Hello All -

   Since the reports are coming in about field day exploits,
thought I'd share our experiences with the group.

   Brad (WB8YGG/2) and myself (N2JGU) ran a field day operation
as N2JGU from about 9am til 3pm on Sunday only. Equipment was as

   (1) - cubic incher on 80m, to be exact 3.718 MHz (homebrew
                by WB8YGG; built on pc prototyping board).

   (1) - sudden receiver on 80m (also homebrew by WB8YGG,
                utilizing homebrew pc boards!)

   (1) - professional weekender xcvr on 40m (actually called the
                ugly weekender, but Brad complained that the
                final product looked too commercial to be
                called "ugly") homebrew by N2JGU

   (1) - wire dipole antenna, cut for 80m and fed with 300 ohm
                twinlead. With the aid of an antenna tuner,
                it tuned 80m and 40m quite nicely.

   We ended up with 17 contacts in all. PA, NY, OH, VA, MI, NH, CT,
MD, IN, VE2, and VE3. We operated with a 10AH battery, which easily
lasted the entire 6 hours. This was our first attempt at fd with
QRP equipment, so we were happy with the results, given the last
minute arrangements to even get out and operate. We'll be there
next year, hopefully sporting a couple more bands!

72 and cul.
Gary N2JGU

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