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From: Victoria Welch (
Date: Sat Jun 05 1993 - 20:05:24 EDT

> Doug Hendricks is interested in a Memory Keyer. My own take on this situation
> is that the CMOS Super Keyer II in the (nov?) 1990 QST is easy to build
> and has adequate memory for my contesting tastes. It is really great
> to operate, cheap, etc. Love it to death. Really. The feel of the keyer
> is far better than any other I have ever used. Now if I could just find
> the right paddles (Bencher is "adequate" for the job.)
> The only possible drawback is the amount of memory and the basic 4 locations
> for those memories. If you get real fancy with contesting, it may not
> do the trick. If you are interested, write me directly and I can tell you
> more about my experience with the CMOS Super Keyer II.

The keyer is decent, I have one and have been quite pleased with it
all in all, but it isn't, as Clark notes, exactly over endowed :).
Since it is unbuildable from the handbook and too expensive to
purchase anymore (they no longer sell in kit form, last I heard). For
the money I would probably get one of the mfj or aea keyers.

As for the key itself, get a Kent, you'll never regret it. I had a
bencher and was less than impressed with it. I never did get it
adjusted (and it wasn't for lack of trying :) and if disturbed it
would erupt in a shower of parts (I hear the new ones are better about
that) or if undisturbed, it would go off at 0300 due to the
expansion coefficients of dissimilar metals (my husband loved that :)
as I like movement to be minimal.

The Kent, on the other hand, makes you WANT to do cw. Its solid and
VERY easy to adjust (I don't mind someone else adjusting this one as it
is so easy to get re-adjusted). I have had the Kent for about the
same amount of time (now) that I had the bencher and have probably
used it 20+ times as much, its really a pleasure. I even replaced the
plastic paddles with oak using the plastic ones as a template ! I am
quite pleased and several people I know have gotten them after using
mine (and I from using KE9GGs). Someone here stateside is supposed to
be carrying them now so you don't have to wait for Dayton or Dallas or
mail order it from England.

As a last note, the thing is also SOLID. Mine spent a couple of
months bouncing around in by briefcase with no problems at all. I
wanna see someone with a bencher try that <grin>.

If you want to mail you comments on the keyer over here as well, I'd
like to see what your experience is with it, I've heard a lot of
stories about those people :). Its a real shame that the handbook
left out the only "part" that makes it completely useless should you
actually try to build it.

Take care es 72, Vikki.

Vikki Welch, SysAdm Welch Research, WV9K, DoD#-13, NEIQRP# 13, ARCI#(NOT),, arrl(NOT)

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