Re: qrp on the birds - mis-directed disconnect request...


From: Victoria Welch (
Date: Sat Jun 05 1993 - 13:44:11 EDT

Hi Gordon,

> please unsubscribe me as i am going on a vacation and do not relish
> 1000 mail messages wating for my.
> Thanks
> Gordon

  This should have been sent to "" with a subject
of "unsubscribe" and the body of the message containing the same
thing (only, as I understand it).

  When you get back just send a message to the same place with a
subject line and message body of "subscribe" and that will get you
going again.

Hope this helps and that you don't get nasty mail from the guy in
Hawaii or the guy in England as I did when I didn't know how to deal
with this (someone subscribed me to the list and I had never dealt
with a mailing list before :). Fortunately most of the people were
very nice and helpful as well. Unfortunately we do have some of the
rude and clueless in our ranks.

BTW: I did forward a copy to where it should have gone for you - Hope
you have a pleasant vacation !

Take care es 72, Vikki.

Vikki Welch, SysAdm Welch Research, WV9K, DoD#-13, NEIQRP# 13, ARCI#(NOT),

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