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Date: Sat Jun 05 1993 - 13:21:24 EDT

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> Chuck Adams writes:
> >
> >
> > speaking of, anyone know of a photocopiable clear plastic with gummed
> > backing. this would be neat stuff for hobbists. i have program to
> > create panels, dial markings etc., but don't have silk screen capablilities
> > (ooops spelling error) to get the final layout to the paint.

There was an outfit called Bishop Graphics back when I did PCB layout
the old fashioned way that put out 8.5*11 sheets of sticky backed
mostly clear plastic adhesive that was suitable for running through copy
machines and I would assume laser printers as well. I still have a
few sheets of this and it works quite well with photocopiers. If they
are still around they might still have this. It wasn't cheap as I
recall and you needed to spray it with clear plastic to keep from
loosing the lettering/graphics from wear. I did some nice panels with
this stuff and a four color copier ! For what its worth, it doesn't work
with inkjets :-(.

Another alternative would be graphics art supply stores, I know stuff
like this exists there as well. You would have to see if it works and
select the best kind. Can't help much more than that as I don't do
graphic arts stuff without a computer anymore - I just create camera
ready stuff :-).

Hope this helps !

Take care es 72, Vikki.

Vikki Welch, SysAdm Welch Research, WV9K, DoD#-13, NEIQRP# 13, ARCI#(NOT),

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