From: Fred Cady ieefc@msu.oscs.montana.edu (ieefc@msu.oscs.montana.edu)
Date: Wed May 12 1993 - 15:59:37 EDT

Hooray, hooray, I found a HW9. Finals are smoked plus what else I
don't know. Neither does it have the WARC band mods. In a couple of
weeks I am going on a 180 mile canoe trip on the Mighty Missouri here
in Montana and I would like to have the WARC bands on it. Can
anybody put me in touch with someone who might have one? ASAP?

Also, I saw Pete Hoover's qrp portable rig at Visalia. Neat job and
he had a flexible solar panel. Pete, are you a member of this august
group? I would like to find out what Pete is using and what the
source of supply for that panel would be. I think it was an
amorphous type with about 1-2 amp capacity.

Will get my act together if I get the HW9 running and put up a sked
for the canoe trip. It should be fun...camping in the same spots
Lewis and Clark did almost 200 years ago. Country hasn't changed
much in that time except not so many grizzlies around :-)!

73, Fred KE7X

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