Re: home-brew dxcc


Date: Sun Apr 25 1993 - 20:39:38 EDT

> > I've been thinking about all the hassles involved with getting qsl cards,
> >verifying them, and sending them off for the fact that dxcc
> >is not available on 30 meters anyway. I finally decided <deleted> I'll count
> >all qso's in my log that include an exchange of calls and rst's, and <deleted>
> >I'll announce my progress here periodically.

Well I've got about 173/157 mixed from this QTH and keep telling myself
I'll get around to applying for the certificate when I get the few cards I
need for ssb dxcc. But then maybe I won't but I'm still having fun. On a
related note, if I recall correctly there was some discussion of requiring
qsls for awards in QQ recently.

> And what about a Usenet QRP QSO Party? No scoring, etc, just get on
> and say "hi." The exchange could be the usual stuff, but USE instead
> of RST, or something like that. WATSA OMS ES YLS?

72, Greg

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