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From: Nils R Young (
Date: Fri Feb 27 2004 - 09:55:28 CST


Part of the PCB game, especially for cheapo impulsives like meself, is
the number of holes you have to put on the board. Naturally enough, more
holes is more money. So then we get to SMT, where you ain't got as many
holes & the parts is tinier. Which explains the NorCal SMT kit & the
tendenz for going to SMT parts. Which is a real mess when you have a head
cold and start a ten-minute sneezing jag smack in the middle of inventory
for a new kit or whatever.

And then we get to beta-blockers so your hands (ok, so MY hands) won't

Stupid hippies.

Anyway, I'm closing in on checking my work again so I can get this tiny
board pitched at my door in an envelope with three or four days
turn-around time. Just for fun. And because it was Cindy's payday
yesterday & I ain't spent my obligatory share yit. But I come up against
the number of holes limit for the cheapo-check your work boards that I've
been playing with. And no, I ain't got back to the TDA1072 yit 'cause I'm
hung up on this obsession with a tiny radio fits in yer pocket, see?

The plan was to put a little board on the edge what I can chop off & use
as a op-amp CW fliter. That works fine 'cept I'm two holes away from the
limit, so I can't double 'em up like I do the radio board. It's a
complicated story. But anyway, I find myself looking at doing the fliter
as an SMT thingie. I have the tech data for the packages &c, but I'm also
not too keen on getting involved in the sneezing jag thing once I finally
get medicated enough so my hands don't shake & I ain't wild-eyed with
urgency to see if it all works in the third place.

At which point I'm thinking I better just cool my jets & go with the
flow, so to speak, 'cept I ain't using one of them flow-slobberin'
machines. Just a blunt-ended old slobberin' iron & a lot of restraint.
Patience ain't my forte, see? But I can say that the receiver hears well
enough to satisfy even my hungry-for-lots-of-audio ears. And I got about
half a watt out of the beast this morning, multiple slobberin' and parts
errors included. Maybe I have all the circuit errors all sorted out by
now, eh?

Yeah, right. Stupid hippies.


 . . . and when I'm done with this 'n project? well, you know there's
always more . . . I'll have a couple four or five extra boards, just in
case . . .
Nils R. Bull Young -- W8IJN -- La Estancia de los Guajolotes Sonrientes
-- -- --
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