Re: 2n2222 as replacement for MPS5179


From: Rod N0RC (
Date: Sat Feb 28 2004 - 08:02:55 CST

Mike et. al.,

Yes I'm sure, Please re-read the first sentence of my post:

"I'm fixing up the Noise Bridge in an INDEX Labs QRP Companion.?

I believe you are discussing the radio itself. No further response are
necessary--I ordered some MPS5179s.

73, Rod N0RC

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Rod, are you sure it's Q2 and not Q3? I'm assuming you're talking about
the QRP-RF PCB ASSY (RF board). On that board, Q2 is a 2N5109 and Q3 is
2N5179. If memory serves, I popped the 2N5109 once... You really don't
want to replace the 2N5109 with a 2N2222 as Q2 runs hot as it is...

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