AT in PA on Sunday


From: Ron Polityka (
Date: Sat Feb 28 2004 - 06:50:44 CST


 Sunday is to be very warm in the EPA area, so I plan to go out on the
Appalachian Trail in PA. If I am doing my math correctly, this will be my
48th trip out on the AT with QRP radio. Yep, for the past 48 months I have
been going out to the AT once a month no matter what the weather conditions
were. My first trip was in March 2000. So the warm temps will be a great

 I took a hard fall on Tuesday on the snow and ice. I landed on my knee, so
this will be a test to see how the knee feels. I might hike in a few miles,
not really sure.

 I plan on leaving the home QTH around 13:00 UTC. I could be on the air
around 15:00 UTC.

I will have my K1 on 40, 30, 20 & 15 meters. I plan on using WA3WSJ's VBWFPA
vertical for 40, 30 & 20. I am taking a 15 meter dipole incase the band
opens up. I could be out until19:00 UTC if the bands and QSO's are good.

72 and Thanks,
Ron Polityka

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