Keyer for ScQRPion paddles


From: Dale Botkin (
Date: Thu Jan 22 2004 - 20:39:12 CST

OK, I have enough orders to have a run of boards made. Sunday evening I
wi8ll be ordering enough to fill the orders I have, plus a FEW extra. I
expect delivery in about 3 weeks. If you want one, order it now or drop
me an email to let me know you're sending payment. The next order won't
be for at least a couple more weeks.

If you missed the original announcement, I am offering a directly attached
memory keyer for the W5JH/ScQRPions paddles. This is a special board
using the new Super PicoKeyer that bolts on without any modification to
the paddles and provides a full featured keyer with two message memories,
beacon mode, speed adjustment via pot and/or paddle/menu control, etc.
You can see the full details at I have all
parts except the PCBs, which I will order in batches when there is enough
demand. The kit includes ALL needed parts and should take well under an
hour to assemble, mount and get on the air. Output is via a 3.5mm jack.

Price for the kit is $18.00 including shipping anywhere in the US.
Canadian shipping s a tad higher, total is $18.25. PayPal, checks, money
orders are all good, as is cash - contact me privately if you have other
goodies with which to barter, swap or bribe! 8-)

Dale - n0xas

It's a thankless job, but I've got a lot of Karma to burn off.
NEW PicoKeyer version with pot AND paddle control is here!
Check for news.

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