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From: John J. McDonough (
Date: Thu Jan 22 2004 - 06:34:50 CST


The OnePas board appears to only support DIP and SOIC parts ... the pads
aren't close together enough for the TSSOP package. Their little special
pads for SOTs are kind of neat, though. This is the problem with the
SurfBoards, too. does have some protoboards that do support
TSSOP, although they seem a bit elaborate for my taste. I haven't actually
laid my hands on one of these so I can't say what sort of quality you could

At the Michigan Convention in Holland a couple months ago I picked up some
protoboards from Far Circuits that seem to be just perfect, but I can't find
them in their online catalog. At the show, however, they had boards for
TSSOP28, TSSOP44 and SOT20. Might warrant an email to them.

Far Circuits does have a board to put together the 9850 VFO from the
handbook. All that's on it is the 9850, oscillator, PIC and filter, so it's
not a real complicated thing. The board quality is quite low, however. For
some reason, their protoboard seems to be a much higher quality board.

Another possibility is the NJQRP Daughtercard. This comes with parts
(except for the 9850), so it may be a bit of overkill for you, but it
basically includes the parts you are going to want anyway (oscillator,
power, filter, amp) so if your design is for a different controller, you're
still not way off.

72/73 de WB8RCR
didileydadidah QRP-L #1446 Code Warriors #35

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> Do you know if the board can handle the AD9850?
> cheers,
> rich

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