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From: Stuart Rohre (
Date: Fri Dec 05 2003 - 19:20:53 CST

>From a bulletin:
"The Question Pool Committee (QPC) of the National Conference of
Volunteer Examiner Coordinators has released a revised and expanded
Amateur Radio General class (Element 3) question pool into the
public domain. The new question pool becomes effective July 1, 2004,
and must be used to generate all General written examinations
administered on or after that date.

"The pool has been expanded to 432 questions," said ARRL VEC Manager
Bart Jahnke, W9JJ, a member of the Question Pool Committee, who
notes that all subelements grew slightly. "The largest increase in
questions this time around was in our Operating Procedures and
Amateur Radio Practices subelements," he said. The General class
question pool does not contain any diagrams or symbols.

The new Element 3 question pool is available on the ARRL Amateur
Exam Question Pools Web page at in Adobe PDF and ASCII text
format. It includes all questions and answers relating to Element 3.

The Question Pool Committee now is turning its attention to
developing an outline for an updated Amateur Extra class (Element 4)
question pool, which will be revised over the next 24 months, Jahnke
said. It will go into effect July 1, 2006. The deadline to submit
input to the Amateur Extra question pool syllabus is May 1, 2004.

Commenters may address specific Element 3 questions as well as
inputs to the Element 3 syllabus and question pool to the Question
Pool Committee via e-mail at,

432 questions seems to take serious study to pass the General exam. The
Extra Class presently made up of old Advanced and Extra Class elements is
over 600 questions, also a big bite of study time. I think both insure
serious would be hams result. However, if you want your input to new Extra
Class pools, here is your chance.

I am very pleased they have upgraded operation questions; which is a need, I
felt, upon looking into Extra pool two years ago.


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