Re: What can be done with QRP and a simple wire antenna?


From: Bruce Muscolino (
Date: Fri Dec 05 2003 - 17:49:33 CST

Alan, John, and the rest of the list,

I can attest to the performance of QRP and simple antennas. Since I
came home from my assignment in Holland I have used simple wire
antennas. The first was a 40 foot end fed when I lived in a condo.
The current one, running across the backyard of my house, is more like a
150 footer.

In both cases I have enjoyed good success using them. I have written
two articles about my experiences learning their idiosyncrasies and
taming them. I have worked all states and DXCC from both locations. I
have participated in many contests as well.

Simple wire antennas work extremely well. You just have to know how to
tame them so they can be fed. They work extremely well with QRP rigs
and QRO rigs too. Try one before you discount them!


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