Re: What can be done with QRP and a simple wire antenna?


Date: Fri Dec 05 2003 - 12:51:23 CST

for those of you who have not regualrly visited John's website you will be in
for a pleasant surprise. I find John to be the consumate QRPer and truly a
homebrewer. His website is a wealth of information and very inspiring. I would
say he represents what QRP and ham radio is all about.

Regarding KITTANING, if you are not familiar with the town is a unique quaint
town boardering on Mayberry, USA. John claims it is not an exotic place to
operate from but I would have a tendency to disagree. Take a google search and
check out the neat town.

I hope you do take the time to visit his site and bookmark it to be able to
come back to visit and pass on to new QRPers.

John's story is both refreshing and informative. His string of QRP contacts
is awesome. The series of polls are vary interesting. Good reference material

Alan KB7MBI in Woodinville, WA
FISTS 5702 / ARS / Proud member of ARRL
___ ___ . . . . . . ___ ___ DIT DIT

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