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From: Jim Sheldon (
Date: Fri Dec 05 2003 - 08:51:43 CST

Hi John,
You just echo'd my sentiments on the antenna. N0UB (Dave Lancey) lives
about a mile from me here in Park City, KS, and when he first told me he was
going to build one, I told him "It won't work very well, you'll be better
off getting some Black Widow fishing poles and putting up a dipole or
inverted L." He said he was going to try it anyway, and I told him he was
wasting his time. A couple of weeks later, he came over on a Saturday, and
handed me this pile of aluminum rods and a 40 meter coil. His comment was
"Here, this one's for you, if you don't like it, just throw it away!". I
figured I'd debunk the myth that it worked once and for all, so I set it up
in my front yard and hooked an old MFJ 9040 up to it. I tuned around 40
meters that morning, and didn't hear much so figured I was right and it
didn't work. Everything was pretty quiet, and I have 7500 volt primary
power lines running right down the Western side of my property and that was
less than 50 feet away from where I had this thing set up. Verticals are
supposed to really pick up man-made noise, and I didn't hear any, so figured
it wasn't working. I called a CQ around 7.030, and got a K5 in Shreveport
who gave me a 579. I didn't mention that I was QRP, running only 4 watts
and we chatted for about 10 minutes. Got my attention for sure, and I
scrounged up the parts to build 30 and 20 meter coils for the thing as per
the plans on the NJQRP website. I've used 44', 88' EDZ antennas, dipoles
fed with coax and ladder lines, delta loops and others in experimentations,
but I keep coming back to the PAC-12. You couldn't get me to part with the
two I've built for any reason, and I'm experimenting with phasing lines and
spacing attempting to come up with an easily portable 3 band vertical beam
using 2 PAC-12's. So far I'm only meeting with limited success, but then
the weather hasn't cooperated too well here and it's been to cold to spend
enough time outside for this kind of experimentation. I'm 61 and my
arthritis doesn't like the cold weather anymore hi. Have fun with the
PAC-12, Jim Bennett did his homework on this one.

Jim Sheldon - W0EB
Park City, (Wichita) KS

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As one who scoffs and denigrates small antennas in general, let me say
that for some reason the PAC-12 far exceeded my expectations. I have set
it up and worked station after station with good reports, just using the
radials supplied. I am making a kit with some slightly longer ones, to
see how that helps. I did make a multiband loading coil out of some B&W
coil stock, so I can just move a clip lead to switch bands.

A great little antenna at an unbeatable price!

(Usual stuff about not having interest in company, just happy customer,
blah, blah)

John W2AGN

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