Elmer 160: A problem


From: John J. McDonough (wb8rcr@arrl.net)
Date: Fri Dec 05 2003 - 08:30:26 CST


Last night or this morning I got an email that was going to take more than
the typical "we expect to have the order information posted this weekend"
response. After having breakfast, I came back down here to respond to it.

Well, I couldn't find the message. I eventually went through a list of all
emails since yesterday and looked one at a time through the subjects. Still
no joy.

That list, from yesterday until just before 9AM today contained 576 emails!

If you send me an email and want to have any hope of me seeing it, it MUST
have "Elmer 160" in the subject. I use filters to group my Elmer 160 emails
so I don't miss them, but that means that if you spell Elmer wrong, arrange
it differently, whatever, there is a good chance I won't see it.

I would appreciate it if the original sender would re-send that email, with
"Elmer 160" in the subject.

72/73 de WB8RCR http://www.qsl.net/wb8rcr
didileydadidah QRP-L #1446 Code Warriors #35

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