HW-9 in therapy


From: James R Giammanco (n5ib@juno.com)
Date: Fri Dec 05 2003 - 07:06:02 CST

A local asked me to see if I could resurrect his HW-9. He has the whole
package - rig, ATU, SWR meter, PS.

Good success so far. The only thing found failed was a 1N4149 (yep 49,
not 48) diode in the T/R switching circuit. It hears and talks now, at
least on 40 m. Haven't checked all bands yet. But the Rx sure seems to
have a lot of birdies. How about it HW-9 guardians out there - is that
the normal state of affairs?

By the way, the mechanical disassembly needed just to change a diode sure
makes me appreciate Wayne, Eric, Elecraft, Dave, SWL, OHR, Emtech, et al
of the modern QRP era. :^))

Jim N5IB

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