N0SXX Flight of Bumblebees


From: Gary Slagel (gdslagel@yahoo.com)
Date: Sun Jul 27 2003 - 20:17:03 CDT

I Love this contest! Every BB QSO I make, its great
thinkin' about where they're at and wondering if
they've got bugs crawling on em' too! I love seeing
how big an antenna I can carry on my back for a mile
or so!! I love pickin' out just the right spot and
hiking out there! When I'm sittin' on top of the hill
and its 100 deg and the contest is almost over, I love
thinkin' about that cold beer in my cooler when I get
back to the pickup!

Condx didn't seem great but I had a great time... used
a dipole up 30' and a 20 meter vert with the base
about 10'. I was on a small peak with a clear view to
the horizon in all but one small (25 degrees?)
direction. Lotsa 20 meter qsos... 2 15 meter qsos...
half dozen 40 meter qsos. HOtter then heck till 2PM
when the clouds rolled over and I started worrying
about lightning. Made it the whole 4 hours though.

Really great when you can recognize half the calls you
work... either from this list or from previous

73 Guys, Time to start figuring out the log.

Gary Slagel/N0SXX
Conifer, CO

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