need an high-pass filter filter


From: Joe Martin (
Date: Sun Jul 27 2003 - 12:28:44 CDT

Yea Mike, all you need is a little Chebyshev 5-element high-pass filter.

If you have a T37-2 Toroid core, two 820pF ceramic caps, one 470pF cap
enough mag wire.

Or you can go to the QRPp International Radio Club site ( ) and order the little "kit" of parts, they accept
PayPal also,,if you don't have those parts that might be your best way.
I am using one on my RM's it works great. I kept mine separate in a
small mettal box from Radio Shack but you can build it right into a RM
box if you like.

73 de KM5CW Joe

    Dallas-Stuck in the middle-Ft.Worth

Michael Babineau wrote:

Well ... at long last I have finished my Rockmite 40M and successfully

mounted it into an altoids tin.

I just wanted to say thanks to whoever it was that suggested filling the

Altoids tin with water and freezing it before drilling holes. This worked

like a charm and I was easily able to drill a 3/8 inch hole to mount the

BNC antenna connector (after drilling a small pilot hole) with a normal

drill bit without tearing the metal up. This idea is one of those

priceless hints that makes subscribing to this list so worthwhile.

No QSOs with the rig yet but it seems to be working fine with about

450mw out. I have the added bonus of being able to hear the news

and weather in the background from one of our local AM Broadcast

stations 580 CFRA

Any suggestions on reducing BCB interference? So far I have only had the

RM hooked up to my rather broad-banded GAP vertical which I am sure is

helping the problem.

Cheers ...

Michael VE3WMB

        Dallas-Stuck in the middle-Ft.Worth

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