Re: Homemade PCB's - Long


From: Peter Burbank (
Date: Sun Jul 27 2003 - 01:39:06 CDT

At 07:51 PM 7/26/2003, Craig Johnson wrote:
>I have tried various methods also, including the blue Press-n-Peel. I
>was always frustrated
>at the results. No matter how carefully I ironed it and peeled it off I
>was always having to
>repair traces with a black marker before etching. I guess it did work -
>sort of . Maybe I
>didn't have the right iron temperature, although I tried to get it
>right. (I think it was 185 degrees,
>but can't remember for sure.)
>I ended up switching to photo techniques and will NEVER GO BACK.

I agree regarding photo techniques Craig. Steve must have "the touch" on
the other technique. I built one
of his kits and it was great quality.
One thing that should be mentioned about Ferric Chloride is that it
can really make a mess of aluminum
trim around the sink plus nasty stains in formica.Luckily I was not
married. :-)
Pete NV4V

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