Re: 1/2 wave end fed antenna


From: Rick McKee (
Date: Sat Jul 12 2003 - 20:34:21 CDT

I need to clarify my request a little ! What I'm looking for are the
formula to get the values for the inductor and capacitor to match a 1/2
wave end fed antenna so that I can experiment with such an antenna for
different bands from 2 meters down to 160 meters. I need something to
get me close for the different bands so that I know where to start. I
would like to be able to figure it for all bands, but will most likely be
working with 17 meters and up ! I know how to build the circuit, I just
don't know what values of inductance and capacitance to start out with
for the different bands. What I'm trying to do is build 1/2 wave
monoband verticals fed at the bottom so I can put the matching circuit in
a weather tight container and won't require a counterpoise. I can pretty
much figure out the values for say 40 meters and up from some plans that
I have on hand, but when I get up into 6 and 2 meters, I'm lost.

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