Re: morse program and Linux


From: Haines Brown (
Date: Tue Jun 10 2003 - 19:08:48 CDT

> > Or else, would someone be willing to recommend an alternative Linux
> > morse code program (Farnsworth, variable speed, a way to select which
> > groups of characters to work on, support for prosigns, etc.)?

> Hi Haines,
> ^M
> Well you did not say which flavor of linux you are running..
> I use the following and it works great for my Redhat 8.0 system.
> take a look.


Thanks for the suggestion, but my impression was that morseall is a
computer interface to replace the keyboard. That is, input to the
computer is in terms of morse code tapped out with the mouse rather
than with keyboard keys.

But are you suggesting that it also sends random morse code sounds to
the computer speaker or sound card?

The reason for my not mentioning which distribution of Linux I am
using is that a) It really should not make any difference. For
example, one can convert .rpm files to .deb. b) I'm currently using RH
8.0, but am migrating to debian.

      Haines Brown

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