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From: Doc K0EVZ (
Date: Sun Jun 01 2003 - 18:13:07 CDT

Ed and Gang:

Let me chime in re the OHR500 = it is a fabulous rig for QRP. I never
cease to be amazed by the ultra-quiet, sensitive receiver. Signals seem to
just leap up from a whisper-quiet background. Reminds me of watching the
starry sky on a clear night here in Bismarck, ND = the stars are bright and
clear, and the sky background is dark. The OHR series of receivers is like
that, IMHO. Am constantly amazed by their performance. Often when there
is a lot of QRN on some rigs, signals on the OHRs will be good copy.

Standard disclaimer = no connection with the company, but a long-term
satisfied customer.


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> Date: 5/31/2003 7:18:27 PM
> Subject: 4W3DX and receivers
> This morning I checked the cluster early and 4W3Dx was noted on 20M. Now
Timor is not close to NH and he was weak with a howling mob of very strong
signals after him up 3 to 8KC. With all the discussion about receivers
recently and since I have three rigs switched to the same antenna, I tried
an experiment. On the Icom 718 he was practically unreadable as the CW was
distorted and very weak. Using the preamp just made things worse. On the
PatComm 500 the signal was too weak to be readible until I turned the
preamp on and then copy was pretty easy. Signal was clean and clear, but
still weak. With the OHR 500, the siganl was still weak, but better than
the other two and very readible. the CW sounded clean and distinct.
> I think the specs for these three radios on paper are rather similar, but
they sound very different and they are quite different when it comes to
weak signals.
> Don't know what it means from a technical viewpoint, but I think it does
show that the kit rigs QRPers often use are very fine radios when it comes
to ears. And some highly praised radios on eham are really not all that
great when used to hear weak signal CW.
> Ed Lawson
> K1VP
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