In Praise of Dave Benson and Small Wonder Labs


From: Mark Andrews (
Date: Fri Apr 04 2003 - 09:03:11 CST

I want to publicly thank Dave Benson for all of the hard work he does and
for his contributions to Amateur Radio and particularly the avocation of

I have bought several kits from him and he has never once been rude, told me
he was too busy (even when I'm sure he was) or ever brow-beat me for any
obviously stupid question. Once, he replaced a radio that was lost by UPS
without question. Last summer I ordered a Warbler. The kit arrived and then
two days later, a second package arrived with a 1 foot long piece of RG-174
that he had forgotten; I had never even missed it, but Dave had. This is
perfect example of good customer service!

So, for all you aspiring kit designers out there, take a few lessons from
Dave Benson. He works hard. He treats his customers as it they are valuable
to him. He doesn't chastise a customer for making an inquiry about a product
or asking a stupid question or for making a dumb mistake when assembling a
kit. I, for one, am not likely to buy anything from a person that tells me
to go away and leave them alone.

If he didn't respect his customers, he too would lose his job (that of being
a premier kit designer) since none of us would likely buy from him. Dave's
main value to Amateur Radio is not that he is a great kit designer (which he
is), but that he is a good human being. Dave seems to understand that
producing a good product is only one part of the equation.

Thanks Dave and may you and Small Wonder Labs have a long a fruitful


Mark A. Andrews, KE4IOF

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