Re: BBQ April 6th, 2003 [long]


From: Noyce, Bill (
Date: Thu Apr 03 2003 - 12:50:26 CST

Well, I thought the rules were complicated enough to print out, too,
but they seem to make sense to me. (I'll admit up front to being
naive and inexperienced...)

Long exchange to practice CW, and learn more about other participants.
Sounds reasonable, as long as you send no faster than the other
station is prepared to copy. Info about the antenna (wire?, beam?,
height) might be interesting too, but let's save that for next time.

Moving after 10 minutes, and not calling CQ on QRP freq with >2W.
Most of my experience is on 80 meters, where crowding isn't usually
much of a problem. But on 40m during the Rock-Mite Flea Fest, with
potentially a thousand rigs on the same pair of frequencies, a rule
like this would have been helpful. I'm sure Chuck's choice of the
time limit deliberately matches the FCC 10-minute ID requirement.

Logs by request only -- sounds fine.
Computer logging not useful -- why not, I timidly ask?

Of course, nothing's perfect. Here are some reactions as I was
reading this through the first time:

Starts at 12 noon -- then I'd better finish up my SW-40+, so I won't
be stuck on a Rock-Mite or trying 80 meters in daylight.

Separate class and multiplier for single band -- maybe not use the
80m rig at all (it gets a workout Monday anyway).

Encouragement to use 80 meters -- OK, now I'm in a quandary!
Can I be a "single band, single rig, single mode" entry if I stay
on 40m until 10PM, then switch to 80? No, I didn't think so...

        -- Bill, AB1AV

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