Arkiecon's the Force is with US!


From: Jay Bromley (
Date: Wed Apr 02 2003 - 23:17:46 CST

Late breaking news----- I feel like a war reporter! :-)

Hi Gang,
Tom Schiller, N6BT, called me at work today and says he will be attending
Arkiecon 2003 as a guest speaker! Tom, as most of you know already, is the
proprietor of Force 12 antennas.

For years Clifton Sikes has been bugging me to get some forums on operating
QRP not just building QRP! For years I have been trying Clif, hihi.

Tom's forum will be on "Team Vertical". Team Vertical holds all the current
records in CQ WW QRP. Tom's QRP record on 75m even beats the low power
category!!! The rigs of choice were the Elecraft K2 and the antennas were
Force 12 verticals ( Of course! ). There have been many articles written
about this team and now you have one of them (Tom) to learn from in person!!

Tom will be a great addition to Arkiecon 2003 QRP forum. Let's see
operating, contesting, and antennas all rolled up into one! It doesn't get
any better than that, right Clifton?

Cu this weekend and 73 de jay..

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