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Date: Wed Apr 02 2003 - 23:07:34 CST

Joel- Sounds like a fun project - but this is tricky. You could also feed both
tuners from your rig via an adjustable phasing network. One catch is that the
antennas may interact with one another upsetting your tuner settings. Or you
could feed one antenna via your tuner and use the other antenna as a reflector
or director by shorting its feedline so it acts as a stub. Or, you could connect
the feedlines and operate it as a bidirectional W8JK array. In that case you get
more gain with a spacing of about 1/8 wavelength.but you need good insulators
and heavy wire to minimize losses. By tweaking the feedline lengths it is
possible to get some front to back ratio which you say you want. Check an older
ARRL antenna book for good info on the W8JK.
A benefit of the W8JK is that at low heights, you get cancellation of the high
angle radiation and it becomes a pretty good dx antenna.
72 de Chas W3KC

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> ah gonna try and stay close to english as used north of I10...
> I wants to make an antenna... consisting of two dipoles cut the same length
and fed at the center with 300 ohm twin lead... the twin lead cut the same
length on each antenna to the radio....
> here's the catch... i wants to put one twin lead to my radio.... through a
tuner... and then ah wants to put the other twin lead to another tuner and try
to make the ant directional in one direction or the other by adjusting the tuner
connected to the other antenna.... I guess spacing of the dipoles would need to
be a quarter wave on the band of choice....
> also i wonders iffin i could get other directions outta the antenna with
this method...
> any feed back would be apreciated as ah gots to take down my working
antenna to try this...
> Ah thanks u in advance
> ke1la
> joel in maine
> displaced and looking for warm wx...
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