Rock-Mites running FSK


From: Bill, N4QA (
Date: Wed Apr 02 2003 - 21:50:53 CST

Just listen with a separate receiver as you key your Rock-Mite and what do
you hear...? FSKCW...(separate rcvr's BFO must be 'on') ok Mark & Space
tones also differ by *several* dB in amplitude and the shift might be
considered 'wide' with the stock configuration but...
Well, I was sittin' in that same spot at work today when I decided to go
multi-mode with the Rock-Mites too. RTTY & ASCII etc first...who knows what
may pop up after that. Hope you guys won't mind a little QRPp non-CW
experimentation around the QRP CW watering holes...hee hee hee...Dave, I
love you, man...

Bill, N4QA

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