FOX: Gone to ground


From: Lloyd Lachow (
Date: Thu Mar 20 2003 - 22:26:52 CST

   I just wanted to acknowledge the GREAT Winter Fox
Hunt - my first - and to thank the guys who produced
it: N1FN, ET; N1TP, Tom; K0EVZ, Doc; K7QO, Chuck and
VE5RC, Bruce. Thanks!

   Besides being something to brighten up each week
during the dreary season, the Hunt provides an
extraordinary environment for developing and honing
good operating skills - because QRP takes skill - and
to display those skills. We get to do it with our
friends, and we can talk about it on the list.

   For me, a lot of the essence of the hobby is found
here: people who understand the technical side of
their gear, but like to play with it; people who can
make their own rigs and antennas and feedlines and
accessory gear, but also use it enough to become
proficient with it, so that it's a joy to use; hams
who can and do establish communications that are
dependable, using minimal (and affordable) gear.

   Thanks to all the Hounds and Foxii, for being there
each week, and for having great rigs, great fists, and
great ears! Hope to see everybody on twenty meters soon...

73, 72 es oo, Lloyd, K3ESE
  K1 # 00379 - 20/40M Rock-Mites - Hunk o' Wahr
        ARRL - ARS #1301 - FISTS #8774 - WATPK #8
               FPqrp #476 - BORG #2 - QRParci #11147
                     QRP-L #2415 - SOC #530
                          Fun = Skill / Power
                "You can't spell Lloyd without lol!"

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