Scout RFI


From: Stuart Rohre (
Date: Thu Mar 20 2003 - 20:52:27 CST

Shawn, this is easily RFI by the radio being so close to the antenna.

Things you can do that will help, Twist the power leads together and make
them of no. 12 wire or no. 14. The metal screwdriver will not help make a
choke core for RF. Make sure your power wires are not 1/8 or 1/4 wave long
at the bands of interference.

Although it normally does not need a counterpoise for a dipole fed
centerwise, you might try one cut for each band of interest, (problem) from
the ground jack and quarterwave long, and insulated. Just stretch along the
ground or base board. Later, when you get some ferrites, you can try them.

The Scout has a big core just inside the chassis on the 12 volts line. But,
try to see if all the grounding screws of the boards are making tight
contact, and all shields internal to the radio on the small coax are tightly
making contact.

Try a disc ceramic bypass on the output of your power supply, Say a 0.1 mf
one across plus to minus.

Hope one of these helps,
I have seen this on field day from bad coax jumpers rig to tuner, or bad
coax plugs with loose shield connections. And it was on 20m. Worked great
with good coax and tight plugs. Just one turn loose did it to me.
GL and 72,
Stuart K5KVH

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