Re: RFI or feedback issue


From: Mike Branca (
Date: Thu Mar 20 2003 - 14:54:49 CST

Shawn, check out a few more things too. Can you stop the noise by varying
the power setting; if so make a chart for each band and power level that the
problem starts. Also see if you still have the problem with the mike
unplugged. Consider also trying the rig with battery power. Using a
screwdriver as a ferrite core won't tell you anything but if you use the
core from an old AM transistor radio you may have made yourself a choke.

Zig zagging the antenna is ok as is the omission of the ground. Continue
your study and be sure to take good notes so you don't keep repeating the
same test.

Mike Branca W3IRZ in Conyers Georgia

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