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From: Russ Hines (
Date: Fri Mar 14 2003 - 20:47:37 CST

Hi Mike:

You really mean that? Then sit down with Solid State Design or the new
Experimental Methods in RF Design, a calculator, blank paper, and plenty of
pencils and go at it. You can take these items, and read and learn anywhere
you go, and you won't need a computer. Think of it as educational QRP.

I know it's not as much fun and glamorous as simulation software, but you'll
learn. With software, you'll spend more time learning the software and
playing with it than you will designing anything. You'll likely be able to
put together something, but won't know why or how it works.

Once you learn how to design, then get the software.

My two cents.

A note to flamers: BRING IT ON!

Russ Hines

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> Ed, what can you do with it if the RF module is separate and expensive?
> I want to learn design with this program, culminating in my own, allbeit
> VERY simple, HF QRP transciever design. Can I use the student version of
> EWB, without the RF module, and do this?
> Thanks,
> Mike, NJ2OM

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