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From: David Porter (
Date: Mon Mar 03 2003 - 22:53:09 CST


The work of the NJQRP kitting group gets hectic during the winter when
everyone wants to build some kits. Beginning in November we also have
family holidays to participate in and get ready for. As January hits us, we
start thinking of getting ready for Atlanticon and have to fit this in
between snow shoveling and other activities.

In addition to all this, we have been victims of our own success. Two
recent kits have taken quite a bit out of me, and a few of our kitters.
Nearly one hundred Rainbow Tuners were sold out in about three days.
Followed by Atlanticon registrations and Sniffer orders that are now passing
the 300 mark. All this while we are trying to clean up a huge backlog of
orders for the HC908 daughter boards, get the website on CD out, keeping up
with a current total of 16 kits, the QRP Homebrewer magazine subscriptions,
trying to answer questions posed to us, and still hold down a full-time, if
not full-pay, job and family (also full-time and not full-pay :-)).

But this is not to complain, just to let you know why we not as quick on the
delivery as we are on the draw. The realities limit our actions and force
us, at least for the moment, to do the following:

1. Sniffer kits will be shipped to Atlanticon attendees first to allow them
to build it before Atlanticon. As the Atlanticon attendees are taken care
of, shipping will start for regular Sniffer orders.

2. The QHB Reprints of the first two years will require substantial
editorial time to make ready for the printer. As this time is now being
applied to Atlanticon, particularly the proceedings and hardware for the
Great Atlanticon Fox-Hunt ( and we know who owns the rights to "Fox-Hunt"),
the reprints will be delayed for an indefinite time. Those who have ordered
them will be receiving refunds from me as soon as I can get to them.

3. The W1CG Low Power Baluns are sold out. We might re-activate this kit a
little later.

4. The Website CD will be out as soon as the files can be collected and a CD
image file can be sent to our CD kitter. If Atlanticon interferes with
this, Atlanticon will come first. Our CD kitter will be able to burn and
mail the CD's fairly quickly once he gets the image file.

5. We have a new shipment of Islander bits, so we will keep them going for a
while longer.

6. The PVXO kits are in stock and ready to go. Can be shipped within a
week, usually.

7. The Quickie Lab boards are in stock and will start shipping as soon as
the Atlanticon kits are finished. IOX chips are in the same boat. Not
until the Atlanticon kits are shipped.

8. The Rainbow tuners are done and we have a few extra. One will be a prize
at Atlanticon. The first few people on the waiting list will be contacted
shortly that they will receive one of the extra kits.

9. A few serial sender kits are in stock and ready to ship. We have parts
for many more, but the board modifications do take some time.

10. The HC908 daughter boards will be shipping soon. Hopefully before
Atlanticon. I am reminded of when I used to ride a train that was late and
it kept getting later because it would have to pull off the track to let the
on-time trains stay on-time. If Atlanticon gets in the way, shipping dates
for this will slip. I am told that they are nearly all done, but there is
just so many other things that pull time away from this.

So, as you can see, we are a little busy here. Please be patient while we
prepare for Atlanticon. Please don't follow this with postings or emails
about what a great job we are doing, it will only clog the email inboxes.
We know how much the job we are doing is appreciated, because we know how
many orders we handle. If you must, tell us at Atlanticon, or post and
email after Atlanticon. Above all, just understand that we are trying to
keep up with everyone and be patient.

Thanks for supporting NJQRP,

Dave, AA3UR

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