Re: Tubes: Good News / Bad News


From: Bill Jones (
Date: Wed Dec 04 2002 - 16:39:05 CST

From: "Lenny Wintfeld" <>
Subject: Tubes: Good News / Bad News
> Bad news: The stock is in the old Singer Building in Elizabeth (very
> industrial, actually more like a cave than a warehouse).

We used to have a surplus electronics store in Fresno, California called
Cut-Rate Electronics. It was housed in the basement of a building built
sometime around the 1920's. There was row after row of electronic parts in
cardboard bins on leaning wood shelves covered with dust. There were two
fluorescent light fixtures in the whole place. Knowledgeable shoppers
always brought flashlights. There were little critters scurrying around the
floor in the semi-darkness. If you knew what you were looking for and were
patient, it was there .... somewhere. The owner/proprietor was asleep at
the cash register half the time and you would have to wake him up to check
out. Unfortunately he passed away and last I heard they bulldozed the place
into oblivion. Man, I miss Cut-Rate Electronics.
Bill Jones - <><
Sanger, California

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