Re: QRP ARCI Topband Sprint - looking for NE


From: Steven Weber (
Date: Wed Dec 04 2002 - 14:47:30 CST

Anyone from New England going to try tonight?

I spent the afternoon putting up a 130 foot "L" If this thing makes any
Q's, it will be amazing. I got about an 18 foot vertical section at the
begining, where it leaves the building, then runs hoizontal the rest of the
way, maybe 20-25 feet high tops. Well, it's got to work better than the
homebrew Isotron 160 like gizmo I made the mistake of buying at a hamfest.
(or maybe it's just a real early one and looks HB) Okay, now to make the
matching network...

PS, I might cheat and run 30 watts :-)

Steve, KD1JV
"Melt Solder"
White Mountains of New Hampshire

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